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About Loyal Insurance Brokers Ltd

About UsInsurance is being practiced since the ancient civilizations. Then, the mode of operations and procedures were different but the purpose was same. It works on the basic principle of indemnity, like a sharing mechanism where losses to assets suffered by the unfortunate are met out of the common pool contributed to by a large number of people exposed to similar risks.

Under specific acts of the parliament, certain kinds of insurance policies like Motor Insurance and Public Liability Insurance have been made compulsory. Whether you are an individual, a 2-person store or a corporate organization or fall into the SME category, we help you in getting the correct insurance products and promise you the best services.

In todays world of numerous choices and comprehensive insurance options you can typically purchase a business package that meets your needs. But, with so many insurance companies offering a gamut of products, making the right choice can be a very difficult task. However you, yourself is the best person to determine your needs based on your location, property or equipment you need to protect. You also have to determine what you are insuring and for how much, so take stock of your business, property and then; accordingly decide what is worth insuring? We are there to guide you through this entire process.

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